Your questions about very long life freeze dried foods 25 years answered
How can these dried food products last so long? These very long life meals (25 years) of the brands we offer have been tested in laboratories over long periods. This amazing lifespan is guaranteed by the testing carried out. The freeze-drying of food, the canning procedure, and the sealing of this packaging are the keys to the a very long shelf life.

For example, Katadyn can the food, oxygen is the extracted and replaced with nitrogen to maintain a healthy atmosphere that will ensure this shelf life for the products. Fuel Your Preparation, oxygen is removed from the tins thanks to oxygen absorbers placed in each tin.

Are they full of preservatives, and does eating freeze-dried have any impact on health? Unlike canned products that many households consume on a daily basis, long-lasting freeze-dried products contain little or no preservatives or additives. As with any diet, the impact on health depends on the balance of the diet and the energy expenditure of each, whether the diet is freeze-dried or not. In any case, the details of the contributions are detailed on each tin to allow everyone to choose and balance their contributions as they wish.

What does it taste like? The taste is identical to individual portion bags, the same recipes are used in tins and in individual outdoor pouches, its as tasty as a home cooked meal.

How do you heat the meal? Simply add hot water.

Once opened, how long does they keep? The tins are airtight, waterproof and extremely strong. They have an extra plastic lid to provide an air seal and allow the contents to stay fresh up to 7 days after opening.

What does the contents look like? Depending on the product we will have powder or pieces, or both. Simple ingredients such as milk or butter are powdered, and whole meals are made up of pieces (pasta, meat, vegetables, etc.) and powder (sauces).

The best way to store them is a dry, cool place. 

According to Fuel Your Preparation, food needs in times of crisis are very different than  normal. The body needs more energy and protein-rich foods. These meals have been specially designed to be high in calories and to be fortified with protein, in order to provide a slow and sustainable energy rather than quick intake of sugar.

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