Seven Oceans Emergency Water Rations


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Seven Oceans Emergency Water Rations

The Seven Oceans Emergency Water Ration has been issued to life rafts for many years now worldwide.


  • 5 Year shelf life minimum
  • Sterile pure drinking water
  • Tough non-break package
  • NATO approved

This is high-quality drinking water with a pH of 5.5 – 8.5 has been run through a 5-filter filtration process before being bottled under the most stringent hygienic conditions (overseen by the Norwegian health authorities).

This product is internationally approved and certified.

It is packaged in units of 0.5 litres, each with 5 bags of 100 ml (per pack 2x 50 ml) for convenient rationing.

The flexible packing is made of 4-layer aluminium foil which gives it minimum weight and is simple and easy to store. The special thing about this pack is that the water can be stored for an almost unlimited time - even under imperfect conditions, whether its hot or freezing. It is comparable to sterile water, the only difference being that it is drinking water.

The packaging can also withstand mechanical influences. Our test has confirmed that they can be run over by a car without the package splitting open. For legal reasons (use in seafaring) a maximum expiration period of only 5 years may be given; long-term storage over 10 years has so far shown no problems and according to the manufacturer, the water will keep for a virtually unlimited period. Long-term storage may result in a minimal amount of natural diffusion, but that occurs in a minimal area and is balanced out by overfilling the package. This is the case even under extreme conditions (excessive heat or freezing in the winter) and after what is often many years of storage in life boats.


  • Emergency Drinking water of the highest quality to be stored as provisions in case of difficult times, radioactive accidents or seafaring, holidays and camping.
  • In special protective packaging that is the extremely resistant and cannot split open. They can withstand being run over by a car.
  • Even under imperfect conditions, weather, heat and cold, the water keeps almost indefinitely and will still be potable in 100 years.
  • No chlorine or chemical additives. Completely neutral in taste. It is not a problem if the water freezes or is heated. It will stay potable and enjoyable. The best drinking water you can keep.

Brand GC Rieber.

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