BCB Sere Escape Evasion Survival Kit


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BCB SERE Escape Evasion Survival Kit

The BCB SERE Escape Evasion Survival Kit has been designed for evading capture, survival skills, and the military code of conduct.

  • Special Forces Escape Kit
  • Waterproof Pouch
  • Fire Lighting
  • Signaling

The new pouch opens up to multiple foldout compartments which are clear view for ease of browsing your desired kit.


* Fireball flint & striker
* Distress whistle
* Sewing kit
* Wire saw
* Oxford notebook
* 2-tone camouflage cream stick
* LED micro torch
* 2" Heliograph (Mayday signalling mirror)
* Fishing kit
* Explorer button compass
* Single edge razor blade
* White cable tie
* White nylon cord 3"
* Candle
* Pencil
* Gold wire snare 12"
* Survival instructions
* Safety pins
* Clear silicone tubing 1m
* Duct tape
* Folding scissors

Size 15 x 14 x 7cm.

Bladed products will only be sold to over 18 years of age, we will carry out an age verification on all orders.

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