EK Archery Cobra Siege 300 Crossbow


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EK Archery Cobra Siege 300 Crossbow

The EK Archery Cobra Siege 300 Self Cocking Compound Crossbow is taking the archery world by storm, based on the hugely popular R9 cobra crossbow system, this version has a compound pulley system to increase the power dramatically, while also making cocking easier.

The worlds first self cocking high power compound crossbow with easily changeable strings and cables without the hassle of a specialist with a bow press.

Please Note, Only EK Archery Siege Bolts will work with this model.


  • Self Cocking Compound Crossbow
  • Limb bolts can be easily adjusted to reduce draw weight
  • Changeable bowstring and cables without a bow press

Ultimate power and accuraccy as you come to expect from EK Archery compound crossbows.

This ek archery crossbow is easy to fire, the AR style stock fits comfortably on the shoulder with the front grip for added stability.

EK Archery Siege 300 Crossbow Kit Includes:

  • Telescopic sights
  • Foregrip
  • Shoulder sling
  • AR-15 Style Stock
  • Quick detach quiver
  • Bipod
  • String wax
  • Safety glasses

Draw weight 150 lbs.

Speed 300 FPS.

Colour Black.

Brand EK Archery.

You don’t need a bow press to change the string/cables/cams for Siege and it’s one of the special features of this model.

You can also lower the power/poundage for Siege.

Simply just back off the limb bolts like a vertical bow and 3 turns might get you 110lbs. If you turn the limb bolts more times and flat the tension, you then can change the string/cables/cams without any problems.

Strictly over 18 years of age sales, ID will be required to complete purchase.

We will ONLY ship to the registered card address now after several scammers!

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