Fire Escape Hood Emergency Set


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Fire Escape Hood Emergency Set

Its a fact that most victims during a fire do not get injured by the heat or flames, but from the smoke inhalation and poisonous gases.


  • Fast donning
  • Simple and quick use
  • Safe protection of breathing, eyes and head
  • Suitable for persons wearing spectacles
  • Large field of vision
  • High performance filter
  • Low breathing resistance

This escape hood is specially designed to protect persons endangered by smoke and gases generated by fires.

The most dangerous of them is carbon monoxide. 

Safe Protection

The smoke hood features a clearly visible bright yellow hood fitted with a wide lens allowing a large field of vision. Inside the hood, a nose cup gives a perfect adaptation to a wide variety of head and face sizes and is directly connected to a multipurpose filter with a broad protection range, including carbon monoxide.

For a better respiratory comfort, the hood is also equipped with an exhalation valve.

The adjustable head harness located on the outside of the hood is directly attached to the nose cup. Once tightened, the hood fits the head closely. The hood material, as well as the harness and the lens, are resistant against heat and short flame contact.

Immediately Operational

The protection is effective within seconds and does not require any other specific procedure.

The filter is designed for a rated service time of 15 minutes, depending on the concentration of the contaminants. This time is adequate for escape from buildings under normal conditions.

The smoke hood is designed to be used only once.


The smoke hood can be used also by the rescue teams to assist in the evacuation of people, even if unconscious. As an additional measure of preventive fire protection, can increase the fire safety in residential areas, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, office building, or meeting rooms.

Hood for Fire Escape is protected and stored in a vacuum-sealed aluminised foil bag from which it is taken only prior to donning. No further preparations are required. The donning procedure is illustrated on the foil bag. After tearing open the foil bag, the hood is taken out, pulled over the head, the nose cup is fitted over nose and chin, and then the hood is adjusted using the head harness.

CE marked.

Standard EN 403:2004.

Weight 1 kg.

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