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Type: P3 Particle/Virus
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Gas Mask Respirator Filters

These Gas Mask Respirator Filters cover a range of usage from chemical and biological threats right up to radioactive particle protection.

Ideally a range of filters should be stored ready for what ever situation arises, whether a virus or a dirty bomb in a major city.

OF-07 Universal Filter

This best selling filter canister provides protection against solid and liquid particles, pepper spray (OC), smoke-producing substances, radioactive particles, bacteria and rickettsia, fungi, toxins, viruses and lots more, see full list below.


  • 40 mm x 1/7” NATO filter standard (EN 148-1:1999) threading
  • Complies STANAG 4155/EN 148-1
  • 20 year shelf life
  • Best seller

Riot Control agents (Lachrymators, Sternutators, Vomiting agents), Blister agents (Vesicants), Chocking agents, Blood agents, Nerve agents, Incapacitants, Herbicides, Pesticides and TIC, such as bromoacetone, CS, CR, CN, CNC, CNS, CA substances, organic compounds of arsenic - diphenyldichlorarsine - CLARK I (DA), diphenylcyanoarsine - CLARK II (DC), adamsite (DM), diphenyldichlorarsine (DA), ethyldichlorarsine (ED), methyldichlorarsine (MD), mustard gas (H), sulphur mustard gas (HD), T-mustard gas, Q-mustard gas, nitrogen mustard gases (HN1, HN2, HN3), lewisite (L), mixed mustard gas (H-L), phosgene oxime (CX), phosgene (CG), diphosgene (DP), chloropicrin (PS), hydrogen cyanide (AC), cyanogen chloride (CK), arsine (SA), G-agents: sarin (GB), cyclosarin (GF), soman (GD), tabun (GA), IVA (GV), V-agents: VX, VR, VE, VG (amiton), VM and toxic industrial chemicals such as: organic solvents with a boiling point above 65°C, inorganic substances, acid gases, ammonia, amines, agricultural chemical combustion products, benzene, toluene, vinyl chlorine, fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, sulphur oxides, organic phosphorous compounds, chloroacetic acid, nitric acid, aldehydes, mixtures of inorganic acids and organic substances, etc.

Weight 270g.


The DotPro 320 combined filter cartridge for use on a gas mask respirator provides filtration of multiple agents toxic to the respiratory tract, in particular known CBN/ABEK toxic agents (vapours, gases, aerosols, contaminated dust).

Provides filtering against solid and liquid particles, pepper spray (OC), radioactive particles, bacteria and rickettsia, fungi, toxins, viruses and riot control agents, vesicants, suffocating, blood, neurotoxic, incapacitating agents, herbicides, pesticides & ICT, nuclear & organic substances, organic arsenic compounds, toxic industrial chemicals (especially organic iodine compounds), and radioactive particles


  • 40 mm x 1/7” NATO filter standard (EN 148-1:1999) threading
  • CE marked
  • Filter complies with EN 14387
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Preppers favourite

P3 Particle Virus Filter

Combining cutting-edge ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filtration with 40 mm standard NATO threading, these P3 certified biofilters work with your existing NBC/CBRN gas mask to provide unparalleled, long-lasting protection from airborne viral and bacterial threats.


  • 40 mm x 1/7” NATO filter standard (EN 148-1:1999) threading
  • P3-certified protection (according to EN 143:2000 standards) filters out 99.9999+% of biothreats (not suitable for other CBRN threats)
  • Lightweight (100g) construction
  • Utilizes some of the highest quality ULPA filter construction that works on particles as small as 0.2 microns
  • Prevents aerosol and airborne transmission of viral and bacterial threats.

Reactor P3 R Filter

The filter is designed for the protection against mercury vapours, radioactive iodine, organic compounds of iodine (Iodomethane, 129, 131), radioactive particles, etc.

A specialist gas mask filter for nuclear radiation threats.


  • 40 mm x 1/7” NATO filter standard (EN 148-1:1999) threading
  • Complies STANAG 4155
  • 10 year shelf life

 Weight 330g.

DOT M 460 Filter Smoke/CO

Transform your gas mask into a reliable, fully functioning multiuse smoke hood with these smoke/carbon monoxide filters.

Designed to overcome smoke & particulates (along with high concentrations of carbon monoxide), these advanced filters provide crucial hours of protection and clean air from some of the most common disasters.


  • Filter complies with EN 14387
  • Combination of organic gases and vapours with a boiling point > 65°C, inorganic and acid gases, vapours, ammonia and carbon monoxide
  • 40 mm x 1/7” NATO filter standard (EN 148-1:1999) threading
  • Reusable smoke protection
  • CE marked

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