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Trek N Eat 1 Month Emergency Freeze Dried Food Kit Meat

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Trek N Eat 1 Month Emergency Freeze Dried Food Kit Meat


The Trek N Eat 1 Month Emergency Freeze Dried Food Kit Meat is a 30 day emergency food package, of around 33,000 total calories in this pack.

  • Over 33,000 Calories In One Case
  • 15 Year Long Term Food Storage
  • Varied Meat Meals
  • Highest Quality Nutrition

1 Month Food Package Meat Dishes

1 Tin Swiss Muesli with whole milk

1 Tin Pasta in tomato sauce

1 Tin Potato stew with fried onions

1 Tin Scrambled eggs with onions

1 Tin Garden vegetables with risoto

1 Tin Mashed potatoes with milk

1 Tin Whole milk powder

1 Tin Tomato soup

1 Tin Beef stroganoff with rice

1 Tin Spicy Beef casserole with noodles

1 Tin Beef casserole with noodles

1 Tin Chicken curry with rice.

All the cans have an easy open lid and can be resealed with the plastic lids, (once opened, consume within 7 days).

The food is canned in 1,2-liter cans under vacuum and nitrogen, with a minimum long-term shelf life of 15 years.

Simply add boiling water & wait 10 minutes to enjoy a nutritious meal. 

We all experienced empty food shops recently and fights over basic items such as toilet rolls, dont wait until its to late start preparing now for the financial crash thats coming. 

Best before 2035.

Weight 12 kg.

Case size 42 x 32 x 20 cm.

Brand Trek N Eat.

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