Warrior LDG6500SVWRC Remote Start Silent Diesel Generator


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Warrior LDG6500SVWRC Remote Start Silent Diesel Generator

This new and improved Warrior LDG6500SVWRC Diesel Generator boasts increased power (500W more than the previous version) and a fully compliant EURO V emission standard engine, with a brushed copper alternator within that produces a steady motor speed.

It features an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) control system to monitor the output and protect the unit against voltage fluctuations, providing a smoother power output.

Enclosed by a soundproof canopy, coated with a chip resistant matt finish, the durable heavy-duty industrial frame provides full protection and aids portability. This silent enclosure has the added benefit of a key start facility and smooth running is further enhanced by the addition of anti-vibration mountings.

A fully fuelled 16 litre tank could easily achieve up to 12 hours running at around 50% load, making this Warrior generator ideal for all sorts of applications such as domestic supply, construction, catering and industrial use.

As a standby generator it is the perfect product during power cuts and outages, and is even supplied with a Wireless Remote control allowing the operator to start up the Machine while upto 10m away, perfect for those cold mornings on site or from the comfort of your home.

Fitted with 12V battery charging outlet and with 240V and 110V single phase output sockets as well as a remote start function.


  • Remote Start Function (Wireless Key Fob)
  • EURO V emission standard engine
  • Electric key start facility
  • Soundproof canopy for reduced noise
  • A new advanced electric fuel pump
  • Anti-damage starter motor system
  • Multi functional display (Voltage / Frequency / Run Time)
  • Anti-vibration mountings for minimal vibration
  • Wheels for easy portability
  • Up to 12 hours run time at 50% load

      Power Rating of the Warrior LDG6500SVWRC

      • 5500 (The absolute MAXIMUM output that your Generator will give you for about 5 minutes tops, before tripping)
      • 5000 (The all-important CONTINUOUS Rated power that your Generator will comfortably run at to provide power to your chosen equipment, also this is the most relevant value to compare against other models)

      Warrior LDG6500SVWRC AutoStart Compatible

      When the power drops out (power cut) the Warrior LDG6500SV kicks in automatically by way of an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) that can be added for extra reassurance. The ATS module works by detecting a power breakdown from the Nation Grid (your main supply of electricity). Then automatically switching on the generator to restore electrical power to your electrical items. But that is not all. The ATS continuously monitors your main power supply to detect when ‘mains’ power is restored and turns the LDG6500SV off, so you don’t have to. Saving you time and over-all running costs. Finally, there is a key start option (electric start) to easily start or stop the generator manually should you wish to do so.

      The unit comes with 1 x 110V 32amp and 1 x 230V 32amp sockets fitted to the LDG6500SVWRC.

      Warrior LDG6500SVWRC Is Economical

      A feature of the Warrior LDG6500SVWRC is it can run for up to 12 hours on its generous 16 litre easy fill fuel tank at 50% load. The heavy-duty industrial frame design provides full protection and aids portability & durability.

      Portability of the Warrior LDG6500SVWRC

      Moving the LDG6500SVWRC around is made easy with the fix wheels and handle, which are fitted to the heavy-duty industrial frame design. A neat looking canopy is finished in a matt black chip resistant finish which is tough and durable.

      It can cope with use in applications such as domestic, construction, industrial catering and more beside.

      What Happens If I Do Not Use My Warrior LDG6500SVWRC For Long Periods?

      If you are planning to store your generator for a long period its ‘best practice’ to either drain the fuel tank then run the generator until it stops. This will prevent any unused fuel congealing and clogging the carburettor. Or to stop the fuel from going off use an additive. Remember, stale fuel can stop your generator from starting when you need it.

      Stage V / Stage 5 Emissions Compliant Generator

      Stage V / Stage 5 Emissions Compliant Generators are now a requirement for any non-road going mobile machinery and plant. Any new generator required for rental, hire, mobile applications, construction sites, entertainment events, weddings and other non-permanent or non-standby applications are now required to be Stage V/stage 5 emissions compliant.

      It is also covered by a Warrior 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

      Please Note: Dual voltage generators will only give approx. 50-60% of the rated output on the lower voltage.

      Model LDG6500SVWRC.

      Weight 168 kg.

      Brand Warrior.

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